North Tikotatahi


  • DOC 2 3/4 hours ex Bluff
  • 6 bunk new hut, plus good camp site.
  • Good fishing and diving.
  • Sheltered in most weather.


The western beach is usually sheltered from winds and easily accessible. Dinghy drag if tied up at high tide is about 50-60m. You can walk around the shoreline to the N/W at LOW tide without having to cut inland. At high tide you will have to go inland (north) which may be difficult in places.

The beach to the east of the hut is a little more exposed but adequate for dinghy landings when choppy, allowing for access towards Kellys block.

There are some good rock ourcrops & reefs for Pauaing and fishing around the place.
South Tikotatahi (Maori Block) is on the southern side of the bay and the huts are 800m away from eachother.


Beach on west side of camp


East side of camp
Photos courtesy of Bevan McNaughton.